HMO stands for Houses of multiple occupancy. For a building to be considered an HMO, there must be at least three people living there, and more than one household. Multiple tenants share facilities such as bathroom or kitchen. There are several legislations that may be subject too, and also a greater tenant management and property repair work.

This is why hiring an HMO specialist will provide services that will help you in managing your properties.

The relationship with the local authorities, help with obtaining the license, building inspections to see whether the occupants are not causing damage to the building, help with letting the rooms as fast as possible.

Not all HMO landlords are required to obtain a license. These licenses are needed to ensure certain standards of safety and livability are offered to the tenants. To learn anything, you may need whether you need to obtain a license or not, or what regulations and management practices are in place, it is best to consult with an HMO specialist. This way you can avoid possible penalties or hassles, and also manage your property more effectively. A liaison with local authorities, regarding licensing, planning permissions will be much easier with the specialized knowledge of experts who do this on a daily basis.

There are certain duties that an HMO manager has, such as ensuring adequate and working water, gas and electrical supply. These need to be regularly checked and maintained at provided intervals. The house must have proper fire safety facilities and fire escapes that are kept in good order. The units must be clean and proper before letting them to tenants, and the waste disposal should be properly managed.

Avoid any problems by following all the guidelines and regulations with the expert help of HMO specialists.