It is of the utmost importance in today’s greener environment to maximise on energy efficiency within commercial enterprises. Energy needs to be managed and we offer a service throughout London that provides our clients with solutions when it comes to commercial utilities.

The operation of a building has a huge impact on cost and making the most of energy efficient systems can help reduce the cost. We design and build so that your business runs effectively ensuring efficient use of utilities.

We employ skilled tradesmen in electrical and heating installation and we outsource the most affordable and energy efficient option for your commercial enterprise.

When planning a construction solution for our clients we are well aware that the location of all the utilities needs to be made clear before planning permission can even be considered. This is part of our specialism; when planning and designing for our commercial customers we aim to provide all the necessary information to the proper authorities


We work with an expert knowledge of electrical and gas utilities and we advise our commercial clients accordingly with all their commercial utility needs. Building codes and appliance practises are in place to ensure that utilities are managed to a certain minimum and we can advise on that too.

In terms of sites that we manage, we aim to lead by example. Utilities should be used optimally to maximise profit for any commercial enterprise and also to contribute to a greener environment.

Services and customized solutions

Electrical equipment testing is also part of our repertoire of services. We also help you manage your utility spending and we go out of our way to ensure that you are receiving the best of what the market has to offer at the most affordable price. We provide bespoke solutions for you. We can provide utility services that include gas, electricity, fixed-line telecoms and fixed and mobile Internet.

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