RCB Services offers improvement for your residential home. We can offer renovation and remodeling services, including renovating and create additional space in case that you need that. We came whit building materials, work force and with full residential services.


RCB Services can offer you all type of commercial services that you need for your business. That services include remodeling and renovating services. Also, we can create more space for your commercial building. We came with materials, work force, and planning and design services. So, RCB Services can help you in case that you want to increase your business incomes.

RCB Services offer you all services for your bespoke house. That services include renovation and remodeling services, adding more space or renovate your old home. Our company offer also planning and building services, and that for increase your comfort, and for offer you all the utilities that you need.

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Schema Studio offers clients over 40 years of design and technical project expertise in both private and public sectors, in the UK and abroad.

The portfolio includes a broad range of projects encompassing Residential Architecture and Interior Design, Office and Learning environments, Hospitality design, Retail and Exhibition design and Landscape and Garden design.

    From other services we are doing wall paitings