When your housing needs change, often it is wiser to extend your current home rather than moving into a new one, especially in today’s difficult market.

This can save you a lot of time and money, but it is important to know a few things before that and we have prepared the following material to help you in your decision.


House Extension Purpose

This represents the starting point of your journey, identifying the need of this extension. Why do you need to do it? Do you need it for a new bedroom, a home office, a living area? Having a clear need stated will lead to a clear alterations plan.

Budget Considerations

Knowing your available budget for this job is important both for you, as well as the architect who might be involved in your extension project. It is important to have a good realistic budget, containing ALL expenses you will encounter, and then stick to it, not allowing additional costs creeping in and ruining your project. You should include al material costs, labor, architect fees, and planning application costs.


It is best to plan ahead as much as possible, and to have realistic expectations when it comes to the duration of your extension. You must be aware that it will also produce some discomfort to your family life during the construction project. Your extension timetable must take into consideration the time needed to obtain all the permits and approvals, all the holidays, family events, and come up with the best time period when your extension must be built. Although you will most likely run over delays during the construction, it will still help you having a strict timetable and doing the best to stick to it.

Necessary Permissions

Not all extension works will require planning permission, but we strongly advise you to study all the necessary planning regulations before starting any job, and also to seek advice from the local planning office for any questions you may have. For works that require planning, you will need the services of specialized professionals such as architects and engineers to obtain them. We can offer our consultation services instead of doing them by yourself and save you a lot of time and money .


Any major alterations to your property will require the assistance of a professional helping you complete this job, this is not something you can do by yourself. The plans submitted for the alterations you want to make will need the expertise of an architect and structural engineer in some cases. These are costs you will have to account for.

An architect can also estimate the impact of the construction work will have on your neighbors, and advise you how to best address their concerns and keep them informed. They will also know the necessary requirements if you live in a conservation area or listed building.

The architect will also give you the best solution for your extension needs, such as attic conversion, or one or two stories extensions.

Builder Team

Most likely you will need to employ the help of specialized builders, even for smaller jobs rather than doing the job yourself. Asking the architect, or your friends who’ve done similar jobs for reference of a good building firm will be a wise choice. Word of mouth about a good contractor and seeing for yourself some of the contracts they made is the best indication of their qualifications.