We are the residential renovation experts and we strive to provide a sterling service to every single one of our clients in London. Our word of mouth recommendations and large client base amassed because of them should be a testament in itself that we are very good at what we do.

Residential renovations need not be complex tasks and over the years we have gathered enough experience in the field to ensure that we know exactly what we are doing. A well-planned project is what is needed to get any residential renovation off the ground and we do just that. We plan well.


We specialise in all types of residential renovation including loft renovations, kitchen renovations to whole property renovations. We offer independent advice on any renovation project and we aim to give you peace of mind before the project is even off the ground.

You may envision a home that incorporates comfort, style and functionality and all your property needs is a tweak here and there to make it perfect. We will do that for you. Our job is to visualise what it is that you want and our residential renovation service is our time to fluff our feathers and proudly say, ‘we did that’.


Residential renovations are an opportunity to showcase a property for all that it has to offer and we aim to provide you with all of the tools to do just that.
We employ only the most skilled tradesmen in every renovation task that we undertake so that we can also be rest assured that things will go the way that you want them to.

Any kind of renovation causes disruption and we aim to complete all residential renovations within a timeframe agreed upon beforehand and to a budget that will not break the bank.

We remain abreast of all developments in the industry and we only employ state of the art equipment and materials in our residential renovation projects.

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